Customer Service Skill Tests

Customer service is often the competitive edge that separates a world class organization from the average company. That’s because employees in every business, large or small, interact with people on a daily basis.  Good customer service skills can make or break a company. So how can an employer identify candidates qualified to build a high performance customer service organization prior to offering them a job?

Customer Service EmployeeThe answer is through pre-employment customer service skills tests. These employee assessment tests, administered through a variety of comprehensive online tools, verify the employees’ potential and understanding of the processes and concepts associated with good customer service skills, and demonstrate the candidates’ ability and willingness to apply these skills in the workplace. These pre-employment tests can weed out candidates unable to communicate clearly, identify personality weaknesses that would make customer interactions challenging, and help determine their potential success in the posted position.

Customer service skills testing can result in three huge savings for employers: time, money, and resources. Validated and reliable customer service skill tests can help employers differentiate between candidates that have the potential to quickly acclimate to the position they are trying to fill, and those jobseekers that are simply not a good job fit.

Customer service skills testing is a solid investment in people, time, and funding. Customer service skills tests can help ensure that the new employees you hire are well-suited to the job, confident in their work, and professional in their interactions. What a great way to generate confidence and loyalty from your customers.

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