Pre Employment Tests

Our newest generation of pre employment tests allows small business owners and hiring managers to use the same employee assessments and hiring strategies that  Fortune 500 human resources professionals use with fees that fit the small business budget. Pre-employment assessment tests help employers avoid costly hiring mistakes, reduce turnover, and identify high-potential leaders.

Because first impressions are not always correct, understanding what makes a person “right” for a job goes beyond the job interview and gut instinct. By adding online personality tests to your selection and promotion process, employers have seen their success rate at hiring the right employee the first time by over 500%!

Consult with the experts at Success Performance Solutions and get the best small business hiring solutions. Assess job candidates  and evaluate current employees  with our:

  • Job aptitude tests
  • Office skill tests
  • Data entry and typing tests
  • Positive work attitude tests
  • Personality tests
  • Customer service skill tests
  • Leadership assessment tests
  • Cognitive skill tests
  • Numerical verbal reasoning tests
  • Career interest tests
  • Motivation and values tests