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5 Steps to Remove A Scam or Spam Facebook App

I recently received a deluge of requests to see the “CREEPS who are following my pics on Facebook!”  I’ve got to admit – this one was tempting to follow.  But I resisted…unlike quite a few of my friends on Facebook.  It turns out it is a scam.

How do I know that?  I use is a great site to keep track of all the spammy and scam applications on Facebook. Whenever you receive a request to play a game or find out things like “CREEPS who follow you,”  check it out on Facecrooks.

Not all applications are scams.  But all applications do require you to give permission to access your personal information in order for them to work.  It is therefore very important for everyone to make sure their privacy settings are set to a level that you are comfortable sharing with your friends, future friends, people with whom you don’t want to be friends, and just about any application.

If you took a bite out of the “CREEPS” apple already, follow these five steps to remove the application.

Step #1. Click on “Account” on the right side of the Facebook ribbon.

Facebook Menu Bar

Step #2. Click on privacy settings.

Facebook Privacy Settings

Step #3. Under Apps and Websites (lower left), click on “Edit Settings.”

Customize your Facebook privacy settings

Step #4. Click on “remove unwanted or spammy  Facebook  applications” or “Edit Settings.”  Then click on the “X   remove” to the right of each application you want to remove or don’t recognize.

Remove Facebook Apps

Step #5. The application has now been removed. To make sure your computer has not been infected, run your computer’s anti-virus/anti-malware program.

Repeat this process anytime you add an application that you no longer use or you discover it is a scam or spam.  You might want to add this your this weekly or monthly maintenance list too.

(I’ve published an e-book on “How to Network Safely on Facebook.” Contact me if you’d like to purchase a copy – only $25. It’s a step by step guide on how to be safe on Facebook.  Or contact me to set up a 1 hour online consultation to review your Facebook personal privacy settings.)

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